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Accommodation during MotoGP Brno 2016

If you are going to MotoGP Brno this year again, you will appreciate some advice and information regarding the accommodation facilities in one article we prepared for you.

The first principle that should not be underestimated is the early booking of the accommodation in Brno.

The MotoGP Brno races annually attract hundreds of thousands of fans and this fact leads the owners of hotels, other accommodation options as well as restaurants and entertainment facilities to a position that enables them to multiply their standard prices.

Be ready for overcharges, the prices in hotels and hostels are set and you cannot haggle for a discount as there is an imaginary row of other potential guests that would be interested in the accommodation.

We also would not recommend trying to find accommodation on spot as it is the high season for tourists and travelers with before-hand made reservations thus there are not many free places for random visitors of MotoGP Brno.

Considering the accommodation in the centre of Brno, you should check the parking options prior arrival because not every facility offers one.

You can choose from several accommodation categories:


Big capacity, lower price, novelty of the last year created especially for the MotoGP Brno event, many satisfied and returning guests, wider centre – easy to get to the Brno circuit, accommodation for individuals as well as for big groups

pa4 01 pokoj


Definitely the highest standard of accommodation, highest price, middle capacity, on the other hand usually all racers, their accompaniment and organizers of Moto GP Brno are accommodated here



Smaller capacity, lower price, accommodation rather for individuals, in many cases shared bathroom, they prefer to accommodate families or other non-participants of Moto GP Brno



Smaller capacity, shared bathroom, rooms for more people – usually travelers from all over the world, majority of them is located in the city centre – harder to get to the Brno circuit



in the neighborhood of the Brno circuit – lowest price, low standard, some are not searchable online thus it is harder to find location, usually packed with the loyal fans so you will not get so much sleep 🙂

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