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Camp on the track: GPtent CAMPING package

Forget about traffic jams, getting crushed on the buses and queuing in front of the entrance gates. Now you can spend all three days of the Grand Prix without having to leave the circuit! The Brno Circuit is opening Camp A – a camp for bikers just 15 metres from the race track.

Who is the camp for?

  • exclusively for bikers (entrance to all cars – including camper vans, etc. – is prohibited)
  • ideal for groups of friends
  • camp capacity is limited to 350 tents i.e. a maximum of 700 people (350 riders + max. 250 passengers)

What does the camp offer?

  • a unique view of the race track and some privacy (Bank A is designated purely for accommodation)
  • full amenities (showers, toilets, a connection point for charging small electrical devices)
  • refreshments with guaranteed quality and prices
  • evening entertainment (DJ, concert)

What’s included in the price of CAMP PASS A+?

  • 2 x entrance ticket to all the banked areas A,B,C,D,E,F,G
  • 1 x supervised parking place for motorcycle (on exiting the parking area the bike owner must show a band bearing the same number as the band on the bike)
  • 1 x pitch for a tent (2-person tent from Thursday evening until Sunday evening)
  • 1x ride around the track behind a guide, either on Friday night or Saturday night, depending on the schedule during the event
  • big screen on site
  • entertainment on Friday and Saturday evening
  • separate entrance tickets are not on sale for pillion riders

Accommodation rules for Camp A+

  • it is not permitted to carry in oversized baggage e.g. no barrels or other large drink containers
  • it is also not possible to bring in or use barbecue equipment – we provide refreshments with guaranteed quality and prices to campers
  • it is not permitted to bring in glass or glass objects, drugs, toxic or narcotic substances, weapons (stabbing or cutting weapons, firearms, etc.), explosives (including fireworks), fuel or other dangerous items. It is understood that the management of the Brno Circuit shall at all times have the final say on how dangerous they perceive any particular item to be.
  • open fires are prohibited in any form
  • it is prohibited to throw any item onto the race track, safety zone or the associated areas

GPtents is a tent hotel

„Do you love camping, but you just hate building up the tent or sleeping on the ground on the tiny sleeping pads inside sleeping bags? Well, GPtents are the perfect solution for you!“

Gptents offer comfortability similar to usual hotel – tents will be pre‐built, ready for your arrival. They are equipped with comfortable foam mattress, pillows, blankets, towels, soap and a tent lock with keys.

Camping offers spacious camping areas and pitches with hot water, sanitary and electricityWifi is in public places only for GPtents guests. You can find there also communal barbecue facilies, onsite bar, and restaurants in the camping.

Book GPtent Camping package and for more information about tents