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GPtent CAMPING package – camp on the track at the circuit

Now you can spend all three days of the Grand Prix without having to leave the circuit! Stay in Camp A – a camp for bikers just 15 metres from the race track.
We have prepared comfortable and fully equiped tents for you.

Price of GPtent CAMPING package: 620 EUR

package for 2 persons

What’s included in the price of GPtent CAMPING package?

  • 2 x entrance ticket to all the banked areas A,B,C,D,E,F,G
  • 1 x equipped tent for 2 Persons (from Thursday evening until Monday morning)
  • 1 x supervised parking place for motorcycle (on exiting the parking area the bike owner must show a band bearing the same number as the band on the bike)
  • 1x ride around the track behind a guide, either on Friday night or Saturday night, depending on the schedule during the event
  • big screen on site
  • entertainment on Friday and Saturday evening
  • separate entrance tickets are not on sale for pillion riders

What does the camp offer?

  • the camp is exclusively for bikers (entrance is prohibited to all cars – including camper vans, etc.)
  • a unique view of the race track and some privacy (Bank A is designated purely for accommodation)
  • full amenities (showers, toilets, a connection point for charging small electrical devices)
  • refreshments with guaranteed quality and prices
  • evening entertainment (DJ, concert)

GPtents is a tent hotel

Gptents offer comfortability similar to usual hotel – tents will be pre‐built, ready for your arrival.
They are equipped with comfortable foam mattress, pillows, blankets, towels, soap and a tent lock with keys.

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