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Organization of the Czech Republic MotoGP

The moto Grand Prix has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The first Czechoslovakia Grand Prix was held in the year 1965 at 13, 94 km long circuit. The circuit was gradually being cut short until eventually a closed racing circuit had to be built over security reasons. The closed racing circuit for MotoGP runs until today.

Until the last year, MotoGP Brno races were organized by Automotodrom Brno but from this year the organization is arranged by the Association for GP of the Czech Republic (Spolek pro GP České republiky). This association was established by the statutory city of Brno together with the South-Moravian region. This year the association signed an organizational agreement with the Dorna Sports Company, which is the sponsor of the MotoGP championship. The association is currently publicly represented by the mayor of Brno, Petr Vokřál, and the governor of the South-Moravian region, Michal Hašek.

The signing of the agreement was one of the most important steps to a more secure future of the MotoGP Brno races. The agreement moreover solved all issues from last years’ MotoGP races. The agreement was signed for 4 years thus it enables the Association to continue their preparations for holding the MotoGP Brno events until the year 2020.

Because of the fact that the Association is funded and organized by public administration, its steps have to be within the law and to ensure that it has to organize tenders, which prolong all activities.

The association already has one certainty which is the lease agreement for the Brno circuit that was signed with Automotodrom Brno. Renting of the circuit with all facilities will cost 28 million CZK for the time necessary to secure the race.

Apart from the organizational issues the Association has to secure the payment of the listing fee to the Dorna Sports Company. The fee has to be paid every year just because the races will be run there. The listing fee has to be paid by every circuit that wants to be listed in the calendar of MotoGP. The amount of the fee is determined by Dorna Sports. The fees in the Czech Republic are about to rise every year, and they will range from circa 100 000 CZK to 125 000 CZK. The prices correspond with the fees for other circuits in Central Europe.

It is very prestigious to be part of the MotoGP championship calendar. Now for at least 4 years we can be certain that we will see the world’s best motorcycle racers every year. There are 18 races held every year and there are numerous circuits in the world aspiring to be part of the MotoGP calendar and Brno managed to stay in the championship.

The tickets for MotoGP Brno are available in presale. As well as there are several quality accommodation offers throughout the MotoGP Brno.



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