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What to do in Brno when there are no races?

Have you heard of Brno? The Czech Republic’s second biggest city will dazzle you. What about some sightseeing through the Moravian capital during the MotoGP?

Did you get your MotoGP tickets and you cannot wait for the Grand Prix in Brno? Survive one more day in the office on Thursday and when your work is done, head to Brno! The beautiful city centre is waiting for you. Have a delicious dinner in one of the renowned restaurants you will see on every corner. What more, they all are very budget friendly and so is the cheap beer. Brno is simply a paradise for your wallet. Finish eating and drinking and take some rest in the evening so that you are ready for the start of the MotoGP Brno. Do you have a place to stay? The best option for you might be the GProoms. Not only they are just few minutes away from the Brno circuit, they are also the most affordable accommodation option during the MotoGP in Brno.

Relaxed and full of energy, you can head over to the racing circuit in Brno to see the trainings. Moreover, the GProoms prepared afternoon city tour for the Grand Prix guests, so that your time in the city does not come in vain. The Špilberk castle, the Petrov cathedral, other landmarks and architectural wonders, you will see simply everything that is worth visiting in Brno during the MotoGP. Those of you, accommodated in the GProoms, can look forward to the barbecue in the evening as well as tasty beer, music and definitely no boredom at all!

Did you miss the Friday city tour? Don’t worry and attend another one on Saturday morning. If you are looking for another way to spend your time, focus on the culture scene in Brno, which is both interesting and rich. The Moravian Museum, Technical Museum, Vida Science Center, the Moravian Gallery or the Labyrinth underneath the Vegetable Market are all waiting for you! Explore the beautiful Brno even underground and you will not miss anything. Are you tired of constant walking? Buy the delicious and fresh bottled wine or beer and head over to the Brno Reservoir to relax, the rest can wait.

In the afternoon go again to the racing circuit to see the qualification races. The evening will be full of barbecue and fun programme, prepared by the GProoms. Get some beauty sleep for the last day of races, take the direct GProoms bus to the circuit. When the Grand Prix Brno is over, get to the city centre for some delicious dinner. The streets will be empty and the big crowds of visitors will not bother you anymore. Enjoy the tasty meals and the last moments in the romantic Brno.

The MotoGP Brno 2016 timetable


Friday 19/8/2016


Saturday 20/8/2016


Sunday 21/8/2016

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