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The VIP T1 Ticket allows access to all the natural stands B, C, D, E, F, G and tribune T1. Enjoy all day catering in the VIP tents.

Free passage through the area, shopping zone and tunnels. Public transport between the tribunes. You can enter the VIP tents with all-day catering. Entrance to the tribune T1. Parking is directly in the area.

3 day entry

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Just imagine arriving at the Grand Prix in style, driving all the way up to the grandstand. You take your seat on the sunny terrace with a view of the most exciting part of the track. You are attended to by friendly staff, offering a wide range of beverages and food prepared by the chef of the exclusive Valoria restaurant. And if you want, you can take a stroll around the paddock. Sound like a dream? Well, you can be living the dream as a T1 VIP!

  • a three-day pass to the air-conditioned VIP tent and terrace overlooking the “Stadium” – the most exciting section of the Brno Circuit
  • three-days of catering – hot food, snacks, all-day buffet, soft drinks, beer and wine
  • cocktail bar
  • parking by the grandstand, special entrances from Žebětín and Ostrovačice
  • a three-day pass to VIP T1 grandstand near the tent
  • paddock card can be borrowed during the race weekend at the info point
  • VIP shuttle between the VIP tent and paddock
  • fun zone – DJ performance, F1 simulator and more
  • view of the big screen and other LED displays right in the tent
  • reporting of current results
  • a three-day pass for all grassy banked viewing areas of the Brno Circuit (B-C-D-E-F-G)

Tribune T1

T1 grandstand is situated in the spectators’ most popular area – Stadium, opposite the banked area C and provides an excellent view of the most attractive sections of the racetrack. Big screen TV is installed just opposite the grandstand. To enter the T1 area you can use all gates except gate A (camp). Recommended gates: Main gate or entrance under the bridge.

Tribune G

Tribune G is located along the entire uphill section towards the last two turns and the home straight. Its lower part has a perfect view of the 11th and 12th turn before the uphill section, while the upper part is a good place to watch riders coming into the last two turns of the circuit. It is the second most popular natural tribune at the Masaryk circuit.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk

Tribune F

This tribune has a perfect view of two turns before the final uphill section towards the home straight. This is one of the places on the Brno Circuit where decisive moments take place. Racers who follow the racing line without losing speed may gain some valuable seconds in the adjacent uphill section. As this tribune is steep, all spectators have a great view of the track. Part of the tribune is structured into artificial stone steps which are comfortable to sit on.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk

Tribune E

This tribune is located directly across the track from the Schwantz Turn. It has a good view of the lowest (in terms of elevation) point of the track and two following turns. A big-screen TV is installed in front of this tribune during Grand Prix events.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk

Tribune D

This tribune is located along the entire downhill section towards turn so-called “the Schwantz corner”. It is an alternative to the most favourite tribune C. The north-western part of the tribune overlooks two turns of the “Stadion section” followed by a long straight leading towards the lowest point of the track. In the south-eastern part, viewers can watch riders speeding towards challenging turn in the lowest part of track, which was named after the legendary Kevin Schwantz (who once had a serious accident in which his bike was destroyed by the post-crash fire). Spectators have at their disposal a big-screen TV in front of this tribune.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk

Tribune C

The Tribune C is the most attractive tribune of the circuit. It has a breath-taking view of four turns of the Brno Circuit, which form a section of the track known as “Stadion”. It is the most attractive part of the track which does not lack tough fights, overtaking or falls. The tribune C has all the necessary facilities, including concession stands and toilets. Spectators have at their disposal three big-screen TVs during Grand Prix events.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk

Tribune B

This tribune is located by the fifth turn, which follows after a steep downhill section where riders must go hard on the brakes. Spectators can experience interesting intense combat between the drivers of the Moto3 class or Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. This tribune has all the facilities for fans such as sanitary facilities, food and a basic assortment of souvenirs. There is no big screen TV in front of this tribune.

Panoramatic view – virtual walk




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