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VIP AREA Ticket: Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 2019 2019-01-02T16:01:03+00:00

VIP AREA Ticket: Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 2019

The VIP AREA Ticket allows access to all the natural stands B, C, D, E, F and G.

Free passage through the area, shopping zone and tunnels. Public transport between the tribunes. Possibility of paddock tour. You can enter the VIP lounge with all-day catering. Entrance to the tribune T2 start-finish line. Parking is directly in the area.

Tribuna B

There is no large-screen screen in front of the tribune. The tribune lies at the entrance to the fifth turn, following a significant downhill ride, where the riders must brak hard. On the stand there is all the background for fans – sanitary facilities, refreshments, and the basic range of merchandising.

Tribuna C

The most attractive natural tribune on the Masaryk Circuit offers a magnificent view of even four turns of the Masaryk Circuit, which forms the section called Stadion. This is the most attractive part of the track in which riders often overtake. Tribuna has all the necessary backgrounds, enough refreshment stalls, sanitary facilities and its visitors have a view of the Grand Prix even on four large screens.

Tribuna D

The tribune extends over the entire length of the descent to the so-called Schwantz curve and is a cheaper alternative to the most popular tribune C. The Northwest side of the tribune offers an ideal view of the last two turns of the stadium. In the southeast, viewers can watch the rider coming in a difficult bend that was named after the legendary Kevin Schwantz, who had severely crashed in it, and his motorbike burned. Spectators have two large-screen screens during the Grand Prix.

Tribuna E

The tribune lies directly opposite the Schwantz curve. It has a good view of the lowest point of the track and the two closest bends. During the Grand Prix there is a large screen opposite the grandstand.

Tribuna F

The natural tribune offers great views of the pair of curves before the final climb to the finish line. This is one of the decisive sections of the Masaryk Circuit. If a competitor crosses the best track and does not lose speed, he can get valuable seconds in the next climb. Thanks to its steep slopes, it offers the most clear view of the track. The tribune is partly formed by artificial stone steps, which provide a comfortable seating space.

Tribuna G

The tribune extends along the entire stretch of climb towards the last two turns and the target plane. From the bottom there is an ideal view of the eleventh and twelfth turn before the climb, at the top can be seen the riders coming to the last couple of turns.